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Zomia - Anarchy in South East Asia

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 Zomia is a geographical term coined in 2002 by historian Willem van Schendel[1] of the University of Amsterdam[2] to refer to the hugemassif of mainland Southeast Asia that has historically been beyond the control of governments based in the population centers of thelowlands.


Scott goes on to add that Zomia is the biggest remaining area of Earth whose inhabitants have not been completely absorbed by nation-states, although that time is coming to an end.



Anyone know anything about this?  Is this interesting to you?

asked 3 years ago in Education by devin

1 Answer

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This is the first I've heard of it, and it is interesting to me. Thanks for the link.

Are you thinking there might be something the Zomia peoples have to teach us about self-government?

They remind me a bit of Europe's Rusyns (to whom, I relatively recently found out, I'm related) who broke off from the Ukrainians some time ago and who now can be found all along the Carpathians from Poland to Serbia. Come to think of it, America's Appalachians are also somewhat "unruly" from a statist perspective. Something about forested mountains?
answered 3 years ago by ChristofP

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