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Should we do a series of profiles on New Yorkers in the 1% and their misdeeds?

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For the new occupywallstreet.net site, I'm thinking it would be good to have a series of brief profiles of 1% members and their minions that live in the NYC metro... including: why we're profiling them, links to specific banks, government orgs, etc., and best of all THE LOCATION(S) WHERE THEY REST THEIR HEAD SO WE CAN ALL PROTEST OUT FRONT.

What'chall think?

asked 3 years ago in Outreach by direkconek
Not a bad idea.  I don't want to focus on the obvious ones though-- let's target those quiet billionaires who control from behind gilded shades.
Someone created a site for CA on a similarish topic: www.TheCalOnePercent.com

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I had an idea to do a "Know Your Shadowy Billionaires" quiz earlier.  Specific to campaign finance but could be expanded to general plutocratic corruption.  

(Do you know which billionaire political meddler has an opera house named for him?)
answered 3 years ago by torn
Well, offhand to answer your example Q, I think that's David Koch, right? =)

I love trivia games and the like. I'm down to do this... on a quite related note, the Bilderberg Conference is 5/31 - 6/3 in Chantilly VA this year, so I'm thinking kicking it off with some juicy facts on Bilderberg core members would be a bonus.

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